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Welcome to HANA Engineering.Co.,Ltd.

Hana Engineering is a technical products company based in Ansung Korea that develops unique product solutions to address compelling market need. The company has extensive background in infrared gas sensing technologies, industrial fire detection and protection as well as indoor air quality monitoring. The company is privately held and currently operates offices in Ansung, Korea and a US sales office in Santa Barbara California, USA.

The TC4 TempCam is a product developed specifically to need identified by the leading Korean Electrical Utilities, Government Agencies and Universities who were dissatisfied with the current state of the art in temperature/fire detection in high voltage equipment. As a result decided to fund development of a technology in 2010 that had a high probability of detecting overheating/fire problems in electrical equipment before danger to personnel or equipment results. The device had to be designed to meet the following criteria: Combine the function of an infrared camera and visual camera with a field of view that would allow for one unit to view/monitor all critical areas inside typical electric equipment on a 24/7 basis. Incorporate the ability to monitor temperatures of multiple, specific vulnerable target points within the camera field of view.

A ruggedized product design for operations in the high electrostatic / electromagnetic conditions experienced in high voltage equipment. The product should be easily networked and should have software that would support a central, automatic monitoring and alarm function. The installed/operating cost should be significantly less than existing monitoring approaches.

After the evaluation of more than 20 potential suppliers, Kepco selected Hana Engineering Ltd to develop the product. Hana already had developed an automatic fire/gas monitoring system for Korean coal fired electrical plants and had established a strong reputation in the customized development of safety monitoring systems for electrical utilities. In Early 2011 Hana Engineering delivered 50 units and network monitoring software to Kepco for field-testing. The TempCam™ was installed to monitor a variety of equipment including: switchgear, circuit breakers, contactors integrated phase buses, cabinets, generators, heavy current cables, transformers and motors.

Six months of field-testing has shown the field test camera and monitoring software has operated as expected — with no problems — with the final field test report was completed in January 2012. Further design work was completed on the final production units of the TC4 TempCam in mid summer of 2012. The Korean Electronics Institute completed final laboratory evaluation and certification of the product to its performance specifications in August 2012. This certification was the final step in qualifying the product for use for Korean Utilities in 2013. As of November 2012 manufacturing of production units has begun in Hana Engineering's South Korea production facility.

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